Memories of past residents       (7/6/2017)


We decided to run this page from April 2013.  As we build up these pages if you have someone that lived in Bowlacre and is no longer with us and you would like them mentioned here just let us know along with a note giving us permission to publish their information as we need this under the rules of data protection & personal information along with any information you would like us to post along with their photograph as long as we either have a copy or you can supply us with one.




3/3/17 John Malloy died in the home with his family in attendance; his last days were made as comfortable as possible as he chose to die here ‘in his home’.

17/2/17 Ronnie Gandy died in Tameside General Hospital; Ronnie had been here for sometime and was part of the ‘background’; he will be missed by the staff who cared for him.

17/2/17 Enid Stanley died in Tameside General Hospital; again she had not been with us long and we were still getting to know her; she enjoyed joining in the activities.

6/2/17 Margaret Abell died in Stepping Hill Hospital; again she had not been here long but, along with her husband Jack who visited her almost every day , they were part of the Bowlacre family; the family’s appreciation of the care they received was echoed in the generous donations to Bowlacre after her funeral for which we thank them.


December 2nd Gerald Purslow passed away.

September 25th Leo Rand died here in the home. Leo was one of our elder ‘Gentleman’ a word that described him exactly .

August 30th Barbara Towns died in Tameside General Hospital just a couple of months short of her 100th birthday. She was only with us for a year but was one of our ‘characters’ who knew what she wanted.

July 21st Stephen Bennett enjoyed his nightly can of lager with his tea. He enjoyed his TV in the privacy of his room. When the family came to visit they were ‘his people’!.

June 26th ; Alan Longley went to Tameside hospital & then to Willow Wood where he died; Alan was our longest stay resident at that time. Always a red (Manchester United was his favourite team ) as you could tell from his room full of memorabilia of his team;

June 11th ; Nellie Jefferson died at the age of 91. Her friendly face will be missed especially at the arts & crafts sessions Nellie enjoyed with Pauline & the other residents. She enjoyed reading & watching TV and having a good chat with the staff.

June 11th ; Muriel Sayer died on the same day as Nellie. Like Nellie she enjoyed her arts & crafts sessions & also sitting in the sun lounge enjoying watching the wild life.

Jan 16th  : Alwyn Fenton died in Stepping Hill Hospital. His singing could always be heard around the home even is his last days; he had enjoyed being a member of various choirs & churches all his life.


December 6th Emily Marlborough; she had enjoyed going stock car racing with her family. She spent a lot of her time with quiz books & jigsaws and taking part in the entertainment. She was known to enjoy a rum & peppermint drink.

July 10th David Ellison was taken to Tameside hospital where he passed away.

June 30th Elizabeth Slack died in Tameside General Hospital. She enjoyed having a dance; Matthew & Angelina would get her to wiggle her hips when they entertained.

June 30th Marion Charnley died in Tameside hospital. She enjoyed her family visits and enjoyed listening to music but was usually found napping in the afternoon.


Nov 29th. Mr Arthur King left Bowlacre on 21st and went to Willow Wood via Tameside hospital and died in Willow Wood.

Nov 22nd Mrs Ada Wood died here in Bowlacre.

Nov 6th Mrs Margaret Corcoran died here in Bowlacre.

Sep 19th Mrs Muriel Leah died in Tameside hospital; again missed by her generous family & friends.

Sep 18th  Mr Eric Lancashire died here in Bowlacre Home; much missed by his family & many friends; thanks for their generous donations

June 25th one of our more recent arrivals Mrs Eileen Proctor died in Tameside Hospital just as she was becoming established here & making herself ‘at home’.

June 19th Freda Bobart died in Tameside hospital; we would thank her family for their generous support in their difficult time.

June 5th Ken Higham died in his home here in Bowlacre having spent some time in Tameside Hospital. He was aged  94. He will be remembered by all his friends who supported Bowlacre with their donations in his memory.

May15th Joe Heaton our oldest gentleman passed away in Stepping Hill hospital at the age of 98.

March 10th another one of our ‘grand old ladies’, Mrs Kate Curry passed away at the age of 97 here in her home at Bowlacre; Kate had been with us over 5 years


Bert Church was with us from 10th May 2011 until 30th October 2013. We thank his family and friends for their donations in his memory.

Lilian Beaumont was at Bowlacre from 24/9/2004 until 17th October 2013 at the age of 98.

Alan Leah left us but soon after he passed away in October 2013. We thank his family and friends for their donations in his memory

Dora Turnbull was at Bowlacre from 15th May 2007 until 16th June 2013

Peggy Drinkwater was here from 9th July 2008 until 10th June 2013-07-17

Rachel Ogden was in the home from 26th Jan 2010 until 8th April 2013 and died at the grand old age of 106.