Whats going on at   BOWLACRE  HOME   (30/5/2018)



May saw 2 more deaths again both at Tameside Hospital; both ladies were in their 90’s. We are taking the opportunity whilst our occupancy is low to redecorate some of the bedrooms.

April was a period of consolidation. The staff benefited from the minimum wage being increased to £7.83 per hour.

March was a sad month for us as there were 5 deaths of our residents- we have never had so many in a month before; however 4 were  in Tameside Hospital at the time and all were in their 80’s except for our oldest Gentleman who was 101.

February saw some people move to other homes and also a couple of deaths saw our occupancy level drop.

Jan was a quiet month but the weather wasn’t good. We took the opportunity of re-decorating our dining room including wall panels to improve the look & make it easier to keep clean.

2017        December & the Christmas season with all the regular special events, entertainers and the food; much enjoyed by all. We also upgraded the old staff toilet into a modern ‘wet room’ which our guests are finding more convenient than the use of the bath hoists.

              November & still running with a good occupancy level; we’re not quite full at present with 2 vacancies.

We are now using a new firm as our accountants; we are now working with ‘Langers’ of Cheadle as they have assisted us to upgrade our systems in our ‘Back office’ to bring us up to date. Our financial year ended on 30 September so we are now working on our year end figures.

Due to significant rise in the minimum for the living wage (many of our staff are on this rate!) to £7.50 per hour in April we have raised our private weekly rate to £560.00 per week from 16 July but are still one of the cheapest in the area. We have also raised new contracts for our private residents.

We have continued to upgrade the fabric of our home following the CQC inspection last September – see 2016 notes; the upstairs corridors & the lounge now have laminated flooring, the chairs have all been replaced with wipe clean fabric & the beds are now metal frames with new waterproof mattresses & bedding. Our handyman has been busy repairing as required & redecorating areas.

2016  A quiet start to the year; we must be doing something right as we have been full most of the time.

Due to legislation on staff wages (minimum wage increase & the new living wage rule) we have had to increase our fees, Private fees now £540 per week but still one of cheapest in the area. We needed to upgrade our fire alarm system; but this has been done by a different contractor in a different method so kept the cost down.

September we had an inspection by CQC who rated us as ‘requiring improvement’ but in their  report they acknowledged that we provide a good level of care but we need to improve the fabric of the building & contents & some of our documentation was found to be not what they expected; people generally aren’t aware that we pay an annual fee for CQC to come & inspect us ; this year their fees was £5600 per annum (so nearly £13,000 for the 1 days inspection – as they hadn’t inspected us since May 2014). The audit for the year (our financial year ends on 30 September) showed that we made a profit over the year which has been re-invested in the business.

Our properties, which are rented out to tenant for independent living, are all occupied and have been modernised to the standards that we want them to be but this has been funded from the income from them.

2015 A challenging year, fortunately little development required but managed to increase our occupancy rates.

2014 Little change to our building except for the addition of a secure entry & exit system

2013 We again worked with Alpha windows to modernise our 2 ‘garden rooms’ with brick side walls, a slate roof, double glazed windows and modern low surface temperature radiators, new carpet and redecoration. We also spent the generous gift by a previous member of staff in refurbishing our kitchen with all stainless steel units in place of the old timber ones and wipe clean plastic covering over the old tiled wall; brings it up to date & Tameside environmental health re-assessed it and it was graded a food hygiene level 5 rating – the highest awarded.

2012 Brian Williams organised scaffolding and set about sorting out our old chimneys; where they were not required they were dropped and the roof slated over; the main ones were the only ones in use and they have been brought up to date. While the scaffolding was in place he also sorted out the dormer windows in the roof replacing the windows with double glazed units (yes from Alpha again!) and made the roofs weatherproof and more durable. Hopefully they will last for many years to come.

We replaced our stair and landing carpets and that completed our update of the flooring coverings; its hard to believe that the last major update was in 2004.

2011  Alpha Windows replaced our old draughty wooden windows with sealed plastic double glazed units and so our residents have now have a warmer draught proof environment.

2010 [October] Alpha Windows of Denton updated our old glass conservatory into a modern, insulated and fit for purpose modern unit; what an improvement; other companies were also involved in making this the place we wanted it to be.